Writing Me Back to Mat(t)er/Sing From the Womb, 6

This is the sixth in a series of snippets from my memoir, formerly known as Writing Me Back to Mat(t)er.*

The title is now: Sing From the Womb: Leaving Fundamentalism in Search of Voice.

Please let me know what resonates with you.

Sometimes when I had yelled myself to tears, I’d imagine running off to a cottage by the sea, just my pen and I. Because I long for Solitude, to sigh in bliss when it comes to wrap me in a blanket of silence and peaceful irresponsibility. And to be heard. Truly, quietly heard.

And I was faced with these questions: What lay underneath the anger? What wound had becoming a wife and mother uncovered? What darkness lay deep in my body?

And what light lay beyond it?

*The root word for Earth, Matter and Mother is mater.


One thought on “Writing Me Back to Mat(t)er/Sing From the Womb, 6

  1. Your new title really FITS! I love the change.
    Also, this passage, at first I thought you were relating a scene from your teenage years, perhaps because it felt like MY teenage years… running off in fits of crying and longing for some different sort of life. Poignant questions, as well as uplifting with the hope of light beyond the darkness.

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