Writing Me Back to Mat(t)er, 2

This is the second in a series of snippets from my memoir, Writing Me Back to Mat(t)er (a working title). Please let me know what resonates with you.

gypsy dance2

From the Prologue

Why had I forgotten? Why had I left behind the passion, the primal spirituality of the rhythm, the beat, the voice of my gypsy soul?

She is opposite to the woman I was taught to be. In my world any human hunger or need was to be suppressed, but She is hungry for life. She lives in her body.  Listening to the rhythms and voices of the earth and Her heart. Passionate. Sensual. Sexual. Raw. She is the symbol of my real self, the self hidden beneath layers of indoctrination. But She was there quietly harmonizing as I sang, laughing while I danced, and stomping her feet as I swished my skirts. I did not recognize Her but She was there.  But when I became a wife and mother I pushed Her completely underground. I had to. I had to become Mother Mary.


2 thoughts on “Writing Me Back to Mat(t)er, 2

  1. Great description of a classic shift. From another vantage point, it seems to happen with or without motherhood. Jobs, societal expectations, and perhaps proving maturity to oneself and others can strip our gypsies of her colors. Age, however, can also reopen the door as our cravings outweigh our posterity … when I’m old, I shall wear purple. Happy Easter, and here’s to the holy resurrection!

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